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  • Slacker Digital Sag Scale
  • Slacker Digital Sag Scale
  • Slacker Digital Sag Scale
  • Slacker Digital Sag Scale


Slacker Digital Sag Scale

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Product Description-

Motool - Slacker Digital Sag Scale

The Slacker digital sag scale is designed for riders, by riders. No more fooling around with tape measures and calculations, needing two or three people to take a reading or using sag tools that claim that only one person is required only to find out they are off by 10-15mm. The Slacker digital sag scale solves the issue of setting up your motorcycle suspension for good with one device designed to be super simple, showing you the measurements in real time on the main unit as well as the remote display.

Rather than using an inaccurate mechanical sag scale, having to recruit a friend, or worrying if the measurements were taken correctly, the Slacker sag tool simplifies the process. Simply attach the scale using the universal magnetic mount and clip, turn on the scale with the bike on the stand, then take it off the stand and mount it in your normal riding position. The Slacker digital sag scale instantly provides readings on its LCD display and the remote display. That’s all there is to it! No fumbling with tape measures, recruiting a friend, or worrying about accuracy. Adjust your bike and get back to racing!

The Slacker digital sag scale is the most accurate, easiest to use motorcycle suspension tool you’ll ever purchase. Designed from the ground up for accurate readings and ease of use, the Slacker sag tool stands out from the competition the following features:

  • Universal Mounting: The Slacker scale works on both front and rear axles and is excellent for setting up both air forks and SFF forks. The clamp attaches to number plates or fenders offering great flexibility. Slacker even sticks to your toolbox for easy access
  • Backlit LCD Display: An LCD display on both the main unit and the remote display allow you or a helper to quickly get the sag measurements you need. Backlit for night racing and poor lighting conditions
  • Any Bike, Any Time: The Slacker digital sag scale works with any off-road bike 85cc or above with steel axles. This, along with the universal clip, ensures the Slacker scale works on almost every dirt bike